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The tastiest vegan dishes delivered to your door.

Vegan Eats stands for vegetable, healthy and delicious food that makes everyone happy. We want to make vegan food accessible to everyone, at any time.

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Our dishes


Fish Burger (warm and gluten-free)

Oyster mushrooms – pickle – red onion – lettuce – lemon-dill mayonnaise

Can a mushroom taste like a fish? Give this one a try and find out for yourself!

Made from the incredible oyster mushrooms it is rich in protein and contains no cholesterol. This burger is light, but crispy and chewy and has a refreshing and tart aftertaste thanks to the sour pickles, onion, lettuce, and a heavenly lemon-dill mayonnaise sauce.

Served in a toasted bun of your choice: pretzel bun or gluten-free bun.


Beet burger (warm)

Served with mango chutney

Served in a toasted bun of your choice: brown bun, white bun, gluten-free bun and pretzel bun.


The Beyond Burger (warm and gluten-free)

Bun – beyond burger – avocado – onion – vegan cheese – lettuce – mustard tomato sauce

The famous Beyond Burger made from peas has a hearty and robust yet tender texture and is packed with protein! The burger also comes with crunchy alfalfa sprouts high in antioxidants, creamy vegan cheese, fresh avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, and is covered in a rich and smooth mayo-mustard tomato sauce.

Great to show your friends or family that vegan food isn’t that bad!

Served in a toasted bun of your choice: brown bun, white bun, gluten-free bun and pretzel bun.


Vegan Saté (warm and gluten-free)

Brown rice – coconut peanuts – tapioca kroepoek – salad

A must-try combination of surprising flavors, textures, and colors.
Made from pure dehydrated soy this is definitely our most protein-packed meal. The sate has a chewy and tender but airy texture and is served on a bed of hot brown rice. It is covered in a finger-licking creamy peanut sauce and topped off with crunchy coconut peanuts. To complete the package, the sate is served with colorfully-crispy tapioca kroepoek and a refreshing rauwkost salad.


Moroccan Meatballs (warm)

Served with couscous, a spicy tomato sauce and salad

M 8,95 L 10,95

Tuna Mock Bowl (cold)

Tofu – rice – seaweed – carrot – avocado – tamari dressing

A refreshing combination of creamy vegan tuna, brown rice, lemon-like grated carrot puree, avocado, soybeans, roasted seaweed and fresh crispy vegetables. A meal with fibers, proteins and healthy fats that give you a full and satisfied feeling.

A must for those who have difficulty finding a fish alternative!

M 7,95 L 9,95

Rainbow Bowl (cold)

Rice – sweet potato – carrot – avocado – hummus – tamari dressing

A colorful and refreshing bowl that makes your heart sing. A combination of fresh raw vegetables, crispy sweet potato, brown rice and hummus, served with tamari dressing.

A wonderful option for hot busy days!


Sweet Potato Fries (warm)

Sweet potato fries

Crispy fries made from sweet potatoes. Always a great idea that you won’t regret!

Optional: Vegan mayonnaise


Rosemary Oven-baked Potatoes (warm)

Rosemary potatoes

Delicious, crispy roasted potatoes in the oven with olive oil and fresh rosemary. Simple, filling and nutritious.

Optional: Vegan mayonnaise



6 delicious bitterballen


Changing soup (hot)

Weekly changing soup


Raw Vegan Bonbons (3 pieces)

Brownie – bounty – tangy orangy.




Fritz-kola light

Fritz orange


Magnum Vegan Classic